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Why Choose Awesomespace

Advisory: We are experienced in provide international corporate real estate teams with market analysis and advisory in one of the world’s largest commercial real estate market- Shanghai.

Portfolio management: Portfolio management skills, helping to manage or negotiate tenant’s upcoming expired lease and potential relocation/expansion plan. In the past years, we have successfully secured transactions when it comes to competitive brokerage scenarios.

Provide clients professional guide and market insights: Experience and familiarity with local Shanghai office/ retail property trends, vacancies, lease comparable and commercial lease requirements from the largest occupiers in Shanghai. Advice tenants in different scenarios.

Negotiate: Experienced in executing lease negotiations, preparing lease contracts, and create value and leasing strategy based on different market performance, as a tenant rep knowing how to negotiate hard expansion rights, early termination rights & holdover rights.

Utilized relationships: Utilized relationships with premium international and local landlords, with understanding of Shanghai commercial real estate market fundamentals to achieve cost efficiencies for MNC’s and local companies.

Workplace advisory: Consulted clients on workplace efficiency, sustainable energy usage and office design strategy.

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